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Hand Dyed Polypay x Dorset Roving - Succulent - Mini Braid

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Hand Dyed Polypay x Dorset Roving - Succulent - Mini Braid
2oz of a wonderfully soft Polypay roving.

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This roving was hand-dyed in a new colorway called Succulent. It is just over 2oz and currently OOAK (as a standalone from the larger 4oz braids).

This is roving and NOT combed top! It was processed by a smaller mill and therefore may have a speck or two of VM here and there. This is normal for roving, and most should fall out while spinning. It also means that it was not commercially processed and did not get exposed to harsh chemicals during the process. 

The wool is a Polypay cross with Dorset and is next to skin soft. This would be an excellent buy for anyone who wants to spin or felt.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight No
Fiber Choices Wool: Polypay
Color Family Pink, Purple
Color Attributes Handdyed, Multi-Color